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    蘇州優利特電子科技有限公司通過投資專業化設備,擅長于對QFP零件引腳重整與BGA重新植球,避免零件報廢。有價值的BGA (Ball Grid Array焊球陣列封裝)與 QFP(方型扁平式封裝技術)回收并重新應用于生產。
    Investment in specialist equipment capable of lead alignment and BGA reballing enables Suzhou Unit Electronics technology .,LTD to recover components which would otherwise be considered scrap.Valuable BGA & QFP line side spit-out recovered for use in production.


    • BGA重新植球 BGA reballing
    • QFP引腳修整 QFP Lead Alignment
    • 引腳鍍層無鉛轉換SnPb Terminal Finish conversion to lead free
    • 零件整型Component Forming
    • 零件編程Component Programming
    • 自動檢測并提供檢測報告Automated inspection including report if requested
    • 烘烤Baking
    • 編帶包裝和卷帶包裝Tape and Reeling
    • 符合JEDEC標準的干燥包裝 Dry packing in line with JEDEC Standard

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         Technical detail: The company policy is to automate processes wherever possible,
         this strategy enables a high level of consistency and repeatability on all processes。

    2,環境:依據ISO 9001:2000運 within ISO 9001:2000.
         Environment: Quality System operating within ISO 9001:2000.

         BGA Reballing: BGA components reballed using eutectic and non collapsible spheres.
         Various lead-free spheres available.

         Lead Alignment:QFP, SOIC component leads realigned using fully automated computer controlled equipment.
         Reworked and packaged to quality standards suitable for machine placement.

    5,引腳鍍層無鉛轉換Pb-FREE TERMINAL FINISH CONVERSION 將有鉛零件鍍層轉換為無鉛鍍層以符合RoHS指令
         Providing Second Level Inter-Connect SnPb Finish Conversion compliant with RoHS

    蘇州優利特電子科技有限公司擁有成功轉換BGA & QFP引腳鍍層的豐富經驗,并符合根據JEDEC StandardJESD97而制定的RoHS指令2002/95/EC。
    Suzhou Unit Electronics technology .,LTD has successfully changed the terminal finish on BGA and QFP components in line with RoHS directive2002/95/EC as defined by the Jedec Standards JESD97.

    6,烘烤條件:125攝氏度條件下烘烤24小時?;?0攝氏度,相對濕度小于5%條件下烘烤192 小時。 (或按照規格書的規范)
         Baking Considerations: Components are baked at 125 deg C for 24 hours.
         Alternative is to bake at 40°C with less than 5% relative humidity for 192 hours.

    7,編帶包裝與卷帶包裝:依據EIA 418標準對產品進行料帶包裝。每個批次都將通過剝離測試。
         Tape and Reeling: Product taped to EIA 418 standard.Peel strength test completed on all batches.
         Capability to reel all package styles in volume and as component attrition. Special custom design service available.

         Dry Packing:ESD Bag. Humidity indicator card 4 Spot. Desiccant included in all MSL dry packing.
         Customised labelling available.

         Quality:ISO Certified,Full ESD Protected,Environment.
         Fully Traceable documentation. Integrated production control system.

    其他服務:元器件真偽判別:優利特為既有客戶和合作伙伴提供此類增值服務。針對產品:有價值的BGA或其他相關元件, ALTERA(阿爾特拉), XILINX(塞靈思) 等FPGA ??蛻魧ο螅禾K州優利特既有客戶和合作伙伴,一般情況不對外,具體需要跟我司銷售聯系。